Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dark Legacy of Evard: Session 2

All is quiet at the Old Owl Inn.  The party have successfully defended the patrons staying in the inn.  This session included, a wizard, a blackguard, a vampire, a cleric, and an artificer.

The wizard looks up and seems to feel what is happening around her. Naivara senses that the whole town has shifted into the Shadowfell and confirms it by looking outside the inn.  She states that this could be bad, because only powerful curses can allow something like this to happen and someone is pretty pissed off right now and is grudging the town.

Tilda confims that everyone present is allright, she does make note to the party that Nathaire and Remy are not anoywhere in the tavern.  The party at this point wants to go explore the town to see what is going on.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dark Legacy of Evard: Starting Characters for all Settings this Season (Level 1, 2, and 3)

I know there has been a lot of talk about what level to start Encounters at this season.  Some gaming stores are starting at level 1 and some are starting at level 3 and some are even running some of both tables.

This post gives you the options of choosing the appropriate leveled character for your Encounters season.

For level 1 characters please visit the following:

Level 1 pre-generated characters: PDF here (3.5 MB zip)

Level 2 pre-generated characters: PDF here

Level 3 pre-generated characters: PDF here

You can also visit Dungeon's Master to download their level 1 characters from heroes of shadow here and the level 3 are here.

It has been frustrating to redo and replay characters from 1st level.  I find it would be that much more frustrating for the regular players at my table to restart at the bottom rung every few weeks.  In all my career as a player or DM, I have never started so much from first level as Encounters.  Sometimes it is not enjoyable to restart all the time.  There is nothing that give me(personally) more pride than to watch my character flourish through the levels.  I find that players get attached to their characters and begin to develop them as the time goes by and to see that crushed every few levels is disheartening for them and DMs at the same time.

So go out, have fun and play strong.  Above are all te resources you would need to enjoy your time at the table during sessions of Encounters.

Dark Legacy of Evard: Session 1

Last week began my FLGS season 5 of Encounters.  We could not participate the previous week and so did a double session: one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday.

Due to the constant grumbling of my regulars having to start at level 1 and having to play Encounters characters, we have collectively decided that any character will be acceptable to play for the season.  We are also starting the season as level three characters.  So this week, we start the new season off with a blackguard, a wizard,  a vampire, and the return of Fargrim the fighter, and Valenae the cleric.

Tired after long day of marching and cold rain, you’re warming yourselves by the earth of the old owl in the town of Duponde.  You’ve been traveling and the Kings road for a week, heading south to the city of Sarthel with correspondence from lord Markelhay, the Lord Warden of Fallcrest.

When you arrived in Duponde, you discovered that the city’s two bridges had been damaged by recent flooding in the Nentir River.  Now, you must wait a few days while the stonemasons repair the bridge.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Steal this Snake Trap

For those of you who may be interested, click the provided link to Stuffer Shack today and take a look at the 'Steal this Snake Trap' I wrote for the "Snake Week". 

This week features a multitude of traps, character options, new monsters and other things that you can see here.  It is already starting out to be a great week with the launch of the Sertpent Student.

The next few days are going to be great ones.  This type of theme has creative juices flowing abundantly and I am certain it will be a success.  Keep up the awesome work Tourq and the gang.  It is always great to read so much great stuff.

So hats off to snake week! So far so good!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Use This Setting: Sifnab

The world is a large place and home to many people and places.  One of the regions renown for its lucrative endeavours is the kingdom of Balstair.  Balstair is located at the west of the known world and includes access to ports of call as well as a its land bound capital of Lorethane.  Sifnab is a little town, a midpoint to the other parts of the kingdom.  It is a waypoint to the shoreline human town of Meat Cove, a mangy place of double dealings and double crossings.  It is also the only way to Lockport, the lucrative agricultural and trading center of Balstair. The small town of Sifnab is relatively small but can cater to any need for caravaneers to and from Lockport or Lorethane.

The kingdom of Balstair lives in relative peace with its westerly neighbours, prospering in heavy trade with neighbouring kingdoms and treatese of peace with all the races in the kingdom.  However, as with all nations, many plots and schemes threaten to destabilize this balance.

Friday, May 6, 2011

March of the Phantom Brigade: Session 13

In the final instalment of this season of D&D Encounters: March of the Phantom Brigade, the characters find themselves following the stairways down into a natural cave system.  The tunnel is cold and icy.  The characters are confronted by many signs of battle that seem fresh yet known that they are probably 60 or so years old.  Freshly slain duergar corpse lay strew about, fresh bloodstains against the walls.  It seems that these scenes replay themselves, as magic washed over the characters time and time again.  The magic in the monastery seems to be fading.

The characters approach an entranceway a little further down the corridor and they seem to walk into a suspended mini-minefield.  It seems parts of the roof were collapsing as the time trap was set off, leaving debris in the air.  The characters stare at the objects suspended in the air.  Mesmerized with the floating debris, it isn't until one of the characters notice that they are now staring at the ground, that the wave of magic overcomes their senses and the room seems to start rumbling and the ceiling starts dropping more rocks from the ceiling.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

D&D Encounters: March of the Phantom Brigade Level 3 Pregens

So comes the culmination point to the excellent season of Dungeons & Dragons Encounters Season 4: March of the Phantom Brigade.  I have taken the time to level up the characters and adding some of the magic items some of my players have acquired over the course of the twelve previous sessions.

I have allowed my players to level for the final encounter.  I find since these players tend to be my regulars, the kind of get fed up only getting to 2nd level and therefore am treating them with the 3rd level characters.

You could possibly use the third level characters for the new season of Dungeons & Dragons Encounters: Dark Legacy of Evard.  I know that some of the organizers/DMs are going to run this season as a 3rd level campaign.

Monday, May 2, 2011

D&D Encounters: Dark Legacy of Evard Sneak Peek

I just received my copy of this season of Encounters and I must say it looks pretty good.  I made a comment over at Dungeon's Master that I do not think this season is going to top last season.  I still hold true to that thought, but after reading the adventure, I think it is going to come darned close to the quality of D&D Encounters Season 4: March of the Phantom Brigade.  We will see at the end of the season.

My FLGS is always kind enough tho give me a shout when I get my items in the mail.  I received a large box and thought: "What the heck have they put in here for the season?"  Cracking the box open, I see that most of the "Bigness" is filler, and the cool stuff is at the bottom of the pack.