Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dark Legacy of Evard: Session 2

All is quiet at the Old Owl Inn.  The party have successfully defended the patrons staying in the inn.  This session included, a wizard, a blackguard, a vampire, a cleric, and an artificer.

The wizard looks up and seems to feel what is happening around her. Naivara senses that the whole town has shifted into the Shadowfell and confirms it by looking outside the inn.  She states that this could be bad, because only powerful curses can allow something like this to happen and someone is pretty pissed off right now and is grudging the town.

Tilda confims that everyone present is allright, she does make note to the party that Nathaire and Remy are not anoywhere in the tavern.  The party at this point wants to go explore the town to see what is going on.

Before leaving the place, Tilda tells them that she is not going anywhere, but still feels vulnerable staying in the inn with all the windows and such.  She asks the party for help in barricading the doors and windows against intrusions before they leave so nothing else can get to them from the outside.  The party happily obliges and begin barricading everything in the inn.  The party is about to leave to explore, and a knock sounds at the door.

Standing defensively, the blackguard opens the door to Grimbold. 

"Seems like we have a problem here", he states obviously, "I am sure glad to have caught you before you went out. We need your help.  My defenses are spread pretty thinly and we are having touble arming our guards because of the trouble at the armoury.  There are monsters preventing our men from entering."

"On top of all that, one of our guard manning the main gate was just stabbed by that halfling that follows the wizard around; the one that has been staying here Tilda.  It seems like he was running away as if he had demons on his tail.  The guard tried to question him, but the halfling just poked him in the side with his blade instead."

Grimbold states that he only has enough men right now to either go after Remy or to free up the armoury. The party decides to free up the armoury, thinking it best that the townsfolk be well armed, rather than chase a halfling across the town, or even into the Shadowfell.

Grimbold thanks the characters and sends then to the armoury, and he takes off to go try and find Remy.  When the characters arrive to the armoury and are ambushed by a couple of spider swarms and a few leeching shadows. 

Battle ensues; it is fast and furious.  The leeching shadows did not stand a chance against our heroes and are dispatched within a round or two.  The swarms hampered the characters a little more with their aura and their ongoing damage.  Some of our heroes had trouble shaking the effects of the ongoing poison damage.  It did not help that a deathjump spider joined itself to the fray by leaping from the building to the middle of the party.

The party seemed to be in dire straits, but the vampire knocked the pider into the river, giving the party time to knock out one of the swarms.  The battle turned at that moment and the party emerged victorious.

This is week 2 of our adventure.  Stay tuned for the third installment of Dark Legac of Evard.