Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dark Legacy of Evard: Session 4

This week sees the party exhausted after a long battle with the monsters of the shadowfell, a couple of dusk beats and a shadow bolter.  This week we have the eladrin wizard Naivara, the dragonborn paladin Elhorn, the dwarven artificer John, the eladrin cleric Valenae.

Shortly resting, the party is preparing to return to the Old Owl Inn, when two of the town guard approach the party informing them that they are wanted at the Chapel of Peace. Brother Zelan has requested to speak with the party.

The party arrives at the chapel and the old priest introduces himself and tells the party that they came recommended by Grimbold.  Since he acknowledges the party as shadow slayers, he tells the party that he possibly has something that may aid them in the fight against these foul creatures.