About Us

I am Alton

I finally took it.  You know the lonely road; the one that seems less travelled, the one that looks challenging.  I finally decided to start my own 4th Edition Dungeons&Dragons gaming blog.  I have read countless blogs over the years and have always been jealous that other people get to write about the game I love most in the world; Dungeons & Dragons and all related products.

I hope you enjoy reading my stuff.  I hope to receive feedback from you all in the future.  You can contact me at Alton  twentyfootradius@gmail.com


I am Tysylio

I am Tysylio. Pweased to meet you. My fuww name is Tysylio Rimblin Dimble Roondar Ningel Sparklegem, but that’s a bit of a mouth fuww for Humans, so just caw me Tysylio. I’m a Gnome fwom the Kwon Hills…

…err… *ahem*

Actually, I’m a long time gamer who can get carried away sometimes.

I’ve been a good friend of Alton’s for about 13 years, and I’ve been playing D&D for even longer; since 2nd Edition.

Like a "Man’s Man", I like to think of myself as a "Player’s Player". I love creating characters out of my characters; giving them a personality, mannerisms, and really fleshing them out, both as I play them and when I build them. I feed of the actions of other players and the DM in an effort to increase the level of fun we all have.

I have also written a few D&D adventures, which (for weal or woe, I’m unsure) I have play tested on a group of friends, one of which is Alton. I have yet to write a 4th Edition adventure, but I eventually will. Soon, I will prepare myself for my turn at the proverbial "Chair" as DM. I will be running Kingdom of the Ghouls. It will be my first time in the Chair for 4th Edition, and to be honest, I’m a little nervous. I find that DM’ing can be stressful at times.

Now, I look forward to blogging here on 20ft Radius with Alton, and to hearing your feedback.