Sunday, May 27, 2012

D&D Encounters: Web of the Spider Queen: Session 1 - The Old Skull Inn

I seem to have started getting the hang of doing something like this.  Here is the podcast of Week 1- The Old Skull Inn of D&D Encounters Web of the Spider Queen.

This week and for the remainder of the season, I will be posting weekly recaps as a podcast, to facilitate my tasks for the week.

I will also be posting the map associated with each encounter below to give you an idea of the layout if you have not played the adventure thus far.

I hope you enjoy them.  Please give me some feedback as to the quality of the audio and the content in the podcast (too much or too little etc.)

Taken from Web of the Spider Queen Encounters Booklet

S - Shadowdale Drow Scouts
D - Shadowdale Drow Stalkers
A - Shadowdale Drow Archers
B & D - Devan and Brundi
G - Ghessla Silvermane
O - Old Dogsbreath

Thanks for visiting and until next time have a BLAST!