Thursday, March 24, 2011

March of the Phantom Brigade: Session 7

This week we had all the pregens present at the table. Everyone was excited to see what happened when the shield went down and we got to playing without too much chatter and disruption.

Session 7 begins this week shortly after the death of Brother Aldus Splintershield. The party has seen a flash in the sky and within minutes the notice an orange glow coming from the direction of Inverness. The party decides to leave Splintershield's body comfortably positioned and start making for the town fearing the worst.  Jarren decides to relieve Splintershield of his holy symbol temporarily to show Malgram once they return.

The party made haste and upon reaching the outskirts of the forest near Inverness, the party is met with a horrifying sight.  Inverness is burning!  Fire rises from several buildings and you see through various breaks in the wall, the same spectral soldiers the party fought in the woods skirmishing with the settlers of the town.

Surrounding the town are patrols of phantom soldiers and the party would like to race in and help the townsfolk, but do not want to be spied.  After racing from field to field, the party manage to circumvent the patrols and make their way into the town.  Before entering the burning village, the party spots Malgram and some villagers coming away from the town towards them.

Leaning upon his spear, and looking haggard and wounded Malgram greets you: 'It is food that you live.  Sadly, Inverness is lost.' Looking around he asks: 'Where is Brother Splintershield?'  The party explain what has transpired since they last spoke to Malgram, to which he offers his respectful condolences for the cleric's death.  Jarren hands Malgam the cleric's holy symbol and Malgram then recounts what has happened about an hour ago.

He had taken his scouts to look for the foresters and had found nothing of interest and therefore had decided to return to Inverness to wait for the party to return.  Upon reaching the town, a shudder echoed throughout the town and Faldyra rushed forward to tell Malgram that the barrier protecting Inverness was no longer.  Shortly after the ghostly warriors began appearing, marching up towards the town.  Others began to appear and some shot flaming arrows into the village, starting the fire.  Within an hour, the ghostly soldiers had overcome the town’s defences.  Leading the charge into the town was none other than Salazar Vladistone.

Malgram and his remaining guardsmen stopped fighting and focused on evacuating the remaining villagers.  Malgam said that despite his best effort, some villagers remain inside Inverness, including Faldyra.  He did not have time to go and get her, for he had to sacrifice one for the many.  The heroes volunteer to get her and warn Malgram of the phantom patrols and bid him farewell and safe travels.

Having succeeded the skill challenge the players manage to navigate to Faldyra's home without encountering any type of resistance. As the party approaches him home, they become aware of phantom soldiers around the area, phasing into people's houses and scaring the owners away.  Those who resist are slain without any remorse. Belgos pots one into one of the squires and battle ensues.  Jarren launches a magic missile at another squire, and the melee combatants all charge individual foes.  Keira wastes no time and slices one of the Justiciars with her first strike ability, but still only half of this damage is registered.

Brandis, moves into position between the Armiger and the Justiciar and activates his aura.  He attempts to strike the same foe that attacked Keira, but only swing into thin air as the phantom was phasing at the time.  The Justiciars turn and seems to see Brandis as a legitimate threat and they all concentrate all on him.  They both manage to land solid blows and in only one turn is bloodied.  Valenae sends Brandis some healing and Brandis is no longer bloodied. Valenae then attempts to hit the Armiger with no success.

Jarren attempt to take out three of the minions with a freezing burst and hits two of them.  With four of the six squires down and gone, the rest of the party concentrates on the big guys. Belgos manages to knock the Armiger prone in front of Brandis.  The Armiger stands up and furiously sweeps Brandis and Valenae.  Valenae is the only one hit and she takes it right on the chin.

Borlash the Dwarf fighter swipes at one of the Justiciars and misses.  Keira spins around the battlefield and misses the Armiger, but using her Elven heritage turns the miss into a hit and bloodies her original foe.  Brandis then pummels the same Justiciar and it dissipates into thin air.  Jerren sends a magic missile to defeat another squire and spends an action point to dispose of the last one.  The rest of the party make quick work out of the two foes remaining and within another round dissipate them.  

The party immediately enter Faldyra's home and notes that the home is empty.  Villagers who witnessed the battle come out of hiding and start to move to the gates of the town.  The party explores the town and soon find Faldyra and she is in the graveyard with....

This week proved to be an exciting week for me.  I really liked the simple skill challenge and the encounter was an excellent encounter nonetheless.  My players just happened to get some extremely lucky rolls to end the night quickly, but everyone had a lot of fun which is what counts in the long run.

How did everyone’s week turn out?  Did you all have fun?  If you are reading this blog and not playing Encounters my question to you is: Why not?