Wednesday, March 23, 2011

20ft Radius has gone mobile!!

I am please to announce that 20ft Radius has gone mobile. 

We believe that our readers should be able to access us wherever they go.  Being the technological genius that I am (NOT!)  I have been slow in adding this feature to our blog. 
This seems to have been a recent addition to the Google Blogger features and this seemed to me a good idea.  I found myself using my phone to visit my own blog site took forever, even with a 3G connection.

We will be monitoring how this seems to work for us and any feedback would be appreciated.

The upside with going mobile is that our readers can pickup our articles from anywhere at anytime on their mobile devices. They are not limited now to laptops or PCs.

The only downside to going mobile with Blogger, is the inability to comment with your mobile.  Blogger has not integrated other commenting systems with their mobile applications as of yet; so feel free to mark articles and comment when you reach home in the evening.  We will keep you posted (pun intended!) when they have integrated commenting into their application.