Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's All About the Dice...Or is it? (Part 1)

"Alright!!! Here go my lucky dice (roll, roll, roll)! Crap! I rolled a one!"

The most important tool gamers need are dice.  How many of you have more than one set?  I have four; my previous seven sets were stolen from my vehicle last year.  Everyone has their favourite set and use them regularly during gaming sessions.  Some players even change up their dice when they are having a cold streak (that is why we have more than one set).  How many of you have more than thirty six-sided dice in their bag?  I do.  This is because of having played sorcerer's for years in the 3.5 edition. 

No matter what you have in your bag, you still have your favourite dice.  Are they really lucky? Do you just like the way they look?  Do they really roll better than your other dice? 

The four sets I used.
Today, I will try to prove that lucky dice are really lucky dice.  I have my four sets lined up in the attached photo.  I will name the sets with the following codes from left to right:  the purple set, the candy-cane set, the black set and the bronze set. Looking at these sets of dice, I noticed a few differences between the sets of dice.  I don't know if these differences will come into play or not but here is a list of what I noticed:
  1. Size: The purple and the candy-cane sets a little larger than the black and bronze set in all six dtypes.
  2. Numbering: The purple and the candy-cane set are both numbered the same and the black and bronze are numbered the same.  I would assume that two out of the four sets are made by one company, and the other two another.
  3. Design:  The purple set is multi-coloured purple and green with gold numbering.  The candy-cane set is also multi-coloured red and green with white numbering.  The black set is even black with red numbering (I think everyone has one of these sets). The final set is the bronze set.  Its colouring is discoloured bronze with black numbering.
What I have done is roll each die from each set 100 times and compiled the following results:

I will start by the statistics of my favourite dice followed by the statistics of my standard sets.

Here are my lucky dice.
My lucky dice
I compiled the following results with my favourite dice:

Here are my other sets of dice and the statistics:
My other dice

Looking briefly, I see that the probabilities have spoken in most of the cases.  I will compile the data a little further and list them in the next post.


Tell me what statistics you get out of this. I don't think my favourite dice are number one, but like I said, I will look at it more closely and post a more detailed analysis in the near future.

Any comments?