Thursday, August 1, 2013

Recounting Encounters - Search for the Diamond Staff Session 7: Vault of Song

In this follow-up adventure to the gameday: Vault of the Dracolich, the party is called to Hap to speak to the wizard Imani.  A great item has been found called the Diamond Staff which can open countless mysteries of ancient Elven societies.

The staff is stolen by Orcs and the party must now stop the evildoers from unlocking the secrets of the elves and reclaim the diamond staff.

Backstabbing, intrigue, betrayal, and of course the Orcs, will make for a great season of Encounters.

Join us for another great season of the good the bad and the ugly as Derek from, Craig and I recap everything that happened at our gaming table this week.  We talk about what happened during the encounter, some of the changes that we made as DM's and talk about some of things we liked a lot and things we liked not so much.

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Session 7 - Vault of Song

Last week the party was busy.  Chitines all over the place, and webs galore.  The plus of all this is that the party(if they were smart for two cents) find a magic item on a supposedly sacrificed Zhent soldier.

This week the party moves down into the lower levels and get into the Vault of Song proper.  Signs of the passing of Phoedele and her cronies are everywhere.  The players encounter upstream upside-down fountains, statue puzzles and old scriptorium where they have the potential for greater power. After all of this, the party moves into the chamber of the crystal well
and fight a dragon construct and some Zhent soldiers.

Once they defeat the enemies, the party will then move on to the next room.

Listen to what happened at our table.  What happened at yours? Tell us of any memorable events at the table.  Are you playing next or 4th?

This weeks podcast is a little long, we had a lot to talk about.

Follow us where we once again talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of this season of D&D Encounters: Search for the Diamond Staff