Thursday, April 25, 2013

Recounting Encounters - Storm over Neverwinter - Session 2: Lost Boy

Adventure Background: Storm Over Neverwinter

The frontier city of Neverwinter has persevered in the face of calamity. Yet even as the city rebuilds, an insidious threat rises from within its walls. Neverwinter’s citizens are succumbing to an inexplicable madness, while from the shadows, an evil cult of Asmodeus spins sinister plans. Unless a group of heroes rises to stop these perils, Neverwinter might face an even greater danger on the horizon.

This D&D Encounters season takes characters from levels 3-6. It also includes an optional online component, which allows players and Dungeon Masters to convert the adventure to the D&D Next playtest.

Join us for another great season of the good the bad and the ugly as Derek from, Craig and I recap everything that happened at our gaming table this week.  We talk about what happened during the encounter, some of the changes that we made as DM's and talk about some of things we liked a lot and things we liked not so much.
Session 2 - Lost Boy

this week starts where session 1 end.  You have escorted Lady Nidris to her house and the house is in shambles.  The party is asked to rescue her son at all cost and with great reward.  The party then walks around the property to gain clues of the whereabouts of the cultist.  Any delay in time though puts the boy in greater peril.

The party then tracks the cultists down to the docks where an ominous voice enters their minds and starts the combat encounter off. The party enters combat and rescue poor Zan.  You find out that the powerful voice in your head belonged to a member of the cult called "The Tormentor. Your successes on your skill checks determine the state of the boy.  You return him to Lady Nidris and she rewards you for your bravery.

This season looks to be an interesting one so follow us as Craig and Derek follow 4th edition and me as I attempt this season in the DnDNext rules.

It should be interesting so enjoy!!!

Listen to what we have to say by clicking below.

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Here is the combat map of the Ashmadai Safe House.  Very generic.

Image taken from the Storm over Neverwinter Booklet
Z - Zan
B - Branded Zealots x3
H - Hellfire Warlocks x2