Monday, April 30, 2012

D&D Encounters: The Elder Elemental Eye Session 6 - Exploring the Shrine

Session 6 begins after the defeat of Azryg and the cultists in the main chamber of the temple.

Here is the session 5 recap:

-The Merchant Council and Lady Bron of Iriaebor asked the characters to investigate rumours of an outbreak of the abyssal plague in Easting.  A cult is responsible for spreading the plague.

-Characters might have contracted the plague after a battle against plague demons in Easting.

-A cultist captured during the same battle revealed the location of the cult's temple in the badlands south of Easting

-The characters found the temple entrance and fought its elemental guardians, and explored some of the temple interior.

-Adventurers might have interacted with captured cultists and/or Malgrym, a prisoner in the temple. From such sources, they might have learned about the Great Shrine and its guardian (a "blue ooze"), the Black Cyst, and the source of the abyssal plague. Ask if the players know anything extra about the temple, and assume the party knows what the players know.
Once the characters have defeated Azryg and his mad cultists, they continue to explore the shrine.  They continue to explore the remainder of the Sunset Shrine.  In the previous session, the characters were able to explore areas 1-5.  The map below shows the remainder of the areas 6-15.

Sunset Shrine Living Areas

6. Storage Room:

The Keys you may have found on Azryg opens the door to this room. This gives the characters the impression that the dwarves are well stocked and planning to stay for awhile.

Searching the room reveals a potion of healing, 40 arrows, 100 crossbow bolts, 2 sunrods and 50 feet of silk rope.

7. Dining Room:

Nothing of value in this room. Smells of rot and mold.

8. Kitchen:

There is well water here, clean and fresh. There is cold meaty stew in the pot.  Nothing much of interest in this room.

9. Garbage Pit:

This is a refuse pit for all the junk from the cooking leftovers.  It is 20 ft deep and full of slime. Characters have a 1 in 6 chance of falling into the pit.  No damage, just some serious slime.

10. Dwarf Quarters:

Eight bunks line the walls; each with a chest at the end of it.  Searching the room reveals coins and  and ivory smoking pipe worth 15gp per character.

11. Meeting Rooms:

Nothing much of interest, except for a deck of marked cards (Perception DC20).

12. Norker Barracks:

The earthen depression in the ground are the beds for the norkers.  Searching the area reveals 5gp of miscellaneous stuff per character.

13. High Priest Quarters:

The keys from Azryg will open the door to this room.  So will a Strength DC20, or Thievery checks DC13.

Search of this room reveals10gp per character and one random magic item.

14. Vestry:

This room is empty but a perception check will let the characters hear the scraping of boots in the next room.

15. The Great Shrine:

Unless the characters move stealthily through the vestry the guardians in this room are ready for the party.  The following creature are present for this encounter:

1 Sabrak Alcolyte
2 Sabrak Templars
1 Sabrak Bolter
4 Sabrak Norkers

Features of note for this encounter:

- the Altar in this room is very cold.  Any character starting their turn adjacent to the altar takes 5 cold damage.


Each character receives 275XP and 30gp per character worth in coins.

Session 7 is next.