Tuesday, April 24, 2012

D&D Encounters: The Elder Elemental Eye Session 5 - Visions of Doom

Session 5 begins after and extended rest by the party.

Here is the session 4 recap:

-The Merchant Council and Lady Bron of Iriaebor asked the characters to investigate rumours of an outbreak of the abyssal plague in Easting.  A cult is responsible for spreading the plague.

-Characters might have contracted the plague after a battle against plague demons in Easting.

-A cultist captured during the same battle revealed the location of the cult's temple in the badlands south of Easting

-The characters found the temple entrance and fought its elemental guardians.  A doorway into the shrine now stands open.
This is what happens this week:

Characters move down the hallway after having found the entrance to the Shrine.  The dwarves are ready for the adventurers and are not surprised.  They are greeted by the (obviously) more powerful brother of the Sabrak Clan Zarnak.  Even if the party attempts a parley, two things can happen, either Zarnak will just tell his brother to kill the intruders, or Azryg will initiate battle if the talks last too long.

Battle here is inevitable; the dwarves are not present mentally and are extremely unstable.

When combat ensues the party faces:

- Azryg Sabrak
- 2 Sabrak Bolters
- 4 Sabrak Warriors
- 4 Sabrak Norkers

When combat has ended the characters gain 350XP, 20gp, and a set of keys that open the locked doors from areas 6 and 13.

If the party keeps one of the cultists to reveal the general layout of the area with a DC20 diplomacy check.

Here is a map of the layout for session 5:

Here are the areas to explore:

1. Blocked Corridor: 

This is the corridor that Zarnak blocked with a giant stone as the tactical encounter begins.

2. Dungeon:

When combat ends a hand reaches out from one of the cells located in area 2 and cries for release from the cell he is in.  If released he faints.  Upon revival he identifies himself as Malgrym, a hermit who lived in the wilderness near Easting.  He is clearly delusional and raves about an Amorphous One, raving that he lives as the form of the high altar in the Great Shrine.  He continually whispers about a "Black Cyst" and the pool of gold and silver and red cauldron the master stirs.  You can release him and he makes his way back on his own to Easting.

3. Chapel of Madness:

Mosaics fill this room and a 3-foot-deep pool is used for ritual bathing and is dirty.

4. Study:

Characters find papers on the subject of oozes and aberrant monsters.  These papers are not valuable but searching the room reveals a random magic item and a potion of healing.

5. Rune Circle:

This room contains a runic circle in the middle of the chamber and glow with a faint magical aura.

Session 6 is next.