Friday, March 9, 2012

D&D Encounters: The Elder Elemental Eye Session 2 - Across the River

This week is session 2 and most of the stores should have played the second session of this season of D&D Encounters.  Here is the recap of week one:

  • The Merchant Council and Lady Bron of Iriaebor asked the characters to investigate and outbreak of the abyssal plague in the village of Eastling
  • The adventurers found the rumours to be true and Easting in the grip of fear.
  • The villager's leaders, Father Evendur and Sir Arveen, gathered the infected in one place but were unsure what to do next.  Arveen, infected herself, wanted to kill the plague victims, but Evendur objected.  They asked the adventurers for advice.
  • Before the heroes made a decision, a few of the victims turned into demons and attacked their guardians.  Characters might have contracted the plague after the fight.
  • The characters captured one of the villagers, the dwarf Jakairn, alive.  He is somehow in league with the demons, although this fact surprises the village leaders who think the dwarf is a local tinker.  
Roleplaying Session 2

Jakairn has been captured.  When questioned he tells the characters:
  • that he does not know why he attacked them; he must have been possessed by a demon(lie - Arcana or Religion DC 12, Insight 17).  
  • Jakairn is insane though and panics when threatened.  So a few diplomacy, bluff and intimidate checks DC 12 appease his conscience.
  • He is from the Clan Sabrak(means broken), and his clan travels everywhere and stays nowhere for a long time.
  • His brothers Zarnak the seer and Azryg the sorcerer, are insane and currently restoring a temple for "That Which Lurks"(Religion DC8 says That Which Lurks is really Ghaunadaur, greater god of oozes and abberant creatures)
  • The brothers are located at the Sunset Shrine about a day's travel south of the town. The brothers command other dwarves and some elementals.  They also have other allies that Jakairn knows nothing about.
  • Jakairn was told by his brothers to pour a vial of red liquid with gold flecks into the drinking water of the town. He tells the party that the source of the plague must be DEEP within the temple, a place he has never been.
  • He refuses to accompany the party to the temple for fear of a long and painful death.
Not having had time to resolve the conflict of what to do with the villagers, the characters need to make a decision for the town leaders:
  • Remember! Sir Arveen wants to kill the infected, and herself if needed(if you did not cure her in the first session), and Father Evendur wants to care for the townspeople.
  • The characters can use the heal skill to help them make a decision. DC8 Heal tells the characters the villagers could survive with proper care, chich Father Evendur will gladly do. A DC12 Heal, shows that only 4 of the villagers have reached the final stages(die or transform) within the next few days.
  • Sir Averdeen agrees to the care of the less sick, but wants to kill the severely sick (including her) unless the PC's make a DC 12 Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate check to change her mind. She does however send her squire Hendar to Iriaebor to warn the city about what is happening in Easting.
The characters now know the source of the plague and where to go stop it, they must now travel to the temple to defeat the cultist and shut down the temple.

A few hours south of the village, the character bump in to cultists sent to kill them.  They were to set up an ambush in Easting. The characters battle:
  • 1 Sabrak alcolyte
  • 1 Sabrak bolter
  • 4 Sabrak warriors
  • 2 lesser earth elementals
The battle concludes and the PCs receive the following for their efforts:
  • 400XP for questioning Jakairn, dealing with the infected and defeating the cultists
  • a silve necklace with the symbol of Ghaunadaur(DC19 religion to identify that this one is a little different suggesting a different cult or religion)
  • a random magic item.
How did your party fare in this week's session: Across the River.  Did you change up the encounter?  Did your DM do anything different than was described here? (That's ok cause that is what we do!!!)

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