Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Special: Some of Fantasys' Great Couples

What is valentines day, but a day to show the ones you love the appreciation they deserve.  I personally think that you should try to show these people appreciation for what they do for you everyday.

Anyways, back to the post.  This post is just a fun post outlining some of the great couples we have come to love - or hate (it is up to you).

Take it as it is.

Searching for images is hard for any other setting than dragonlance.  So I improvised for the rest.

Gaven d'Lyrandar and Rienne ir'Alastra

I really enjoyed the Draconic Prophecies books and I really enjoyed these characters.  Unlike a lot of fantasy novels, Rienne is a tough and assertive woman.  Gaven and Rienne love each other enough to let each other go to find their own ways. It was a change from the normal mushy romances that are written into fantasy.

Kelemvor and Midnight

Before their ascension to Godhood, Kelemvor and Midnight(now Mystra) were lovers.  It was an odd relationship, but it worked.  It really was a love and hate romance, what with Kelemvore changing all the time and Midnights magic going wacky with the fall of the gods. It was a relationship that ended tragically, but turned out for the best for both of them.

Riverwind and Goldmoon

Riverwind and Goldmoon - Goldmoon and Riverwind.  Hmmm!  What can I say about this couple.  The are the typical couple of jealous husband and strong and controlling wife.  Even if this couple was the stereoptypical couple, they worked.  It is apparent in the Chronicals trilogy, that they loved each other very much.

Raistlin and Crysania

A relationship doomed to fail from the start, Raistlin and Crysania did love each other deeply.  Almost enough to curb Raistlins own ambition.  From the legends series, we see the progression of this relationship, all the way to the 'death' of his beloved.

It just wasn't meant to be. Raistlin is sucked into the Abyss forever while Crysanina is blind and becomes the head of the church of Paladine.

Tanis and Kitiara

Abuse was the basis of this relationship.  Tanis and Kitiara were polar opposites.  He was the knight in shining armour, and she was the dark knight.  For two people who were constantly fighting with each other, they both had extremely soft spots when it came to one another.

Homer and Marge Simpson

Beer, doughnut and bowling balls.  The perfect relationship.  They work, and they work well.  An incredibly dysfunctional family.  Been on TV for years.


Can you add to the list?  Drop a line.

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