Monday, February 20, 2012

D&D Encounters: The Elder Elemental Eye Sneek Preview

Week 0 is upon us and I just received my copy of the new season of D&D Encounters: The Elder Elemental Eye.  Once again Wizards is starting this new season following the release of their new supplement "Heroes of the Elemental Chaos" which is being released 1 day prior to the launch of week 0.

Week 0 is something that Wizards introduced in the last season, to give new players a chance to create their own characters at the table prior to the launch of the roleplaying part of the adventure.

I will just give you some of the highlights and some of the cool things to expect with the upcoming season.

Pregenerated Characters

Again we start the season with the regulars: Level 1 (3.5 MB zip) characters from the essentials line.  For those of you at home, these are the pregenerated characters for the start of this season. When you progress the level 2 and 3 characters are included also.  You still have to manually add the magical items you acquired through adventuring.

Level 1, 2, 3 pre-generated characters:  PDFs can be found at our new D&D Encounters page.

For characters pertaining to the actual release of the Heroes of the Elemental Chaos, check back at Dungeon's Master in the near future for more information.

Week Zero

The season starts again with week 0, a chance for the characters to come and participate in the creation of their character for the upcoming season.  Wizards has provided us with character creation sheets.

I have found this addition to the program fun and inventive, especially when new players are around.  It gives me (and other more experienced players) the opportunity to introduce the new players to the game, to teach the the basics of character creation, and to introduce everyone to the new supplement released by WotC.

I love being there as a DM to guide the players in the selection of their new characters and feats.  I gives me an opportunity to somewhat size up what I am up against in the following week and change up the sessions as I see fit to give the best possible experience to the players who take the time to come out and play with us. Here is what the themed character sheet looks like this season.

The Rewards

Here comes the initiative tracker again, themed for the D&D Encounters: The Elder Elemental Eye. Keeps track of initiative during gameplay.

After having earned 20 renown points!

After having earned 40 renown points!

After having earned 60 renown points!

So make sure you join your FLGS when the play encounters every week to earn your renown points and get yourself some cool cards.

The Maps 

Cool as ever and at the end of the season, reusable in any adventure.  I love giving these out at the end of encounters to some of those lucky players that have been there through it all. The first dibs usually goes to the one who has DMed the most. They mostly like the maps and the tokens.  I think they are cool too!!  I would like to thank Ameron at Dungeon's Master for these map photos (mine are currently being laminated).  Thanks!!!



 The Adventure (just the salient points)

Not to go into great detail here are some of the main points of the new season:
  • the biggest thing I love about this season are the recaps provided in bullet form at the beginning of each session of play.  This way if another DM jumps into the chair, he does not have to read the whole thing in advance.  This is awesome!
  • 11 sessions, 3 chapters: chapter 1 is 3 encounters, Chapter 2 is 4 encounters, and Chapter 3 is 4 encounters. 
  • No choices to make, is pretty linear (still an interesting storyline), with a cool little dungeon crawl and a chance at some good roleplaying.

I cannot wait to get this season started and on its way.  The recap of every session will help me greatly, I seem to have really short term memory problems, NPC name and situations.  

Come and join us, Everyone is welcome!!!