Friday, April 8, 2011

Traps, Creatures, Adventures and Other Things I Cannot Publish

I have a conundrum.  I am ready to take another step towards improving and adding to the content of this site.  Unfortunately, I have neither the tools, nor the expertise to create the tools necessary to accomplish this task.  If anything, my work would be rudamentary at best.

The tasks I am talking about is, monster creation(not that big a deal with the old adventure tools), trap creation (I have never seen a template for this aspect of the game) and an adventure builder template(I am trying to create one, but if anyone has one to share, I am sure it would look much better and be easier to use).

As previously discussed, I am technically programmably stunted and do not have the time to learn things from scratch.

I am getting a little tired with the modules that myself and my players are running through week after week.  There is so much more out there now than what is presently found in the modules that came out when 4th launched back in 2008.  The adventures can become so much more dynamic than just hack n' slash.  I want to create my own adventures, I want to be able to create my own world, my own cities, NPCs and monsters.  I also would be looking for ways to draw maps using tiles or the like. I need some tools to accomplish this task and this is why I am asking anyone if they have any tools they could share with me would be great.

There are a couple of ways we can be reached.  You can post comments with links attached or you can email me directly at  Any help would be appreciated.

This could be a good time to also get some recognition for the work you have done.  I would be more than happy to direct anyone towards your website.

Thanks in advance to all the readers for helping and for continuing to read our blog.  Once I can get started on creating adventures and such, I will be sure to post them for all of you to possibly use in your own campaigns.