Saturday, April 30, 2011

March of the Phantom Brigade: Session 12

The characters have defeated the ghouls and the crawler in the sleeping quarters.  Despite being a little tired, the party continues after a short rest feeling the importance weighing in on them. Jarren realises that in order to pass from one room to the other the characters must trigger the visions in a specific order.

Jarren mentions this to the group that the other door should open fairly easily.  The party moves back into the hallway and try the other door. 

The other door opens at Fargrims touch and the characters move into the room.  Inside the room, it is dark and Jarren moves his light into the room.  In the middle of the room sits an altar dedicated to Moradin.  The southest corner of the room bears rubble on the floor, indications that Actherimos is a real threat to the mission. 

The characters also notice that this room was used as a meditation chamber for the monks of the time.  Now it looks like the scene of a deadly battle.

     As you enter this meditation chamber, you are startled to see several duergar near the back of the room.  You quickly realize that they are not about to join in battle, however, because the monsters are frozen in time, unaffected by the ravages of the last sixty years.
     There is another pulse of magical energy, and the scene before you transforms.  The human wizard from the previous vision stands before is companions as though lecturing:
"I have prepared a ritual that will allow us to subdue Actherimos and the duergar.  When it triggers, it will lay an enchantment over much - though not all - of the monastery and the caves below.  It will freeze in time everything caught in it.  Our enemies will not age or die, but neither will they be able to affect the world around them."
As the vision fades and is replaced once more by the dingy, long-untouched monastery, something moves ahead of you.  The duergar, which were frozen in time before the vision played out, now move around and stagger a bit.  They look briefly disoriented, but then quickly turn toward you, weapons at the ready.


The duergar guards manage to shake off the cobwebs before the party can act. Quills shoot forward and strike both Valenae and Fargrim and the duergar move adjacent to them both. The heroes then feel sick.  They both attempt retaliation.  Valenae strikes her opponent but Fargrim misses.  They both save against the poison effect.  The scouts disappear from sight.  Keira move to flank the dwarf attacking Fargrim and strikes it with her short sword.

Jarren throws lightning out of his hand hitting both and critting one of them.  Belgos rapidly launches two arrows, and crits the enemy with Keira and Fargrim and hits the other dwarf also bloodying them both.  The guards do not like this and seem to get angrier and strike at both party members again.  They bloody both party members, Valenae looking the worse for wear.

Valenae spends her second wind, and heals herself.  Fargrim attempts a power strike and hits the guard dealing a whopping 30 pts of damage dropping the first guard.  Keira shifts over to Valenae and misses her next attack.  The scouts come out of hiding and both fire on Valenae.  One of them strike her and she take 23 points of damage effectively dropping her to -1.

Jarren sees both scouts and sends arc lightning their way. He hits both and  shocks them.
Belgos launches another volley of arrows.  He manages to hit both scouts, bloodying them both, and misses the remaining guard.  The guard moves into Fargrim and crits him and drops him.  The scouts disappear from view.

Keira feeds a potion to Valenae and she wakes up.  Jarren waits for the scouts to come back. Belgos fires at the remaining guard.  The guard moves to attack Belgos and manages to land a blow to his side.  Valenae gets up and heals herself and charges the remaining guard, felling him with her mace.  The scouts come out of hiding, but before they act Jarren unleashed his lightning again, only managing to fry one of them.  They both aim at Keira, and she is hit by both and drops unconscious.  Belgos shifts and aims for all enemies again and  hits all again.

The guard swings and misses Belgos.  Valenae flanks with Belgos and swipes at the guard missing him.  Jarren once again arc lightening the two scouts as targets both with hits to both, dropping his foes.  Belgos shifts and takes careful aim at the remaining guard and misses as the arrow sails wide of the guard.

The guard attacks Valenae opening another wound on the eladrin.  She retaliates and hits the guard, eliminating the threats in the room.

The party stops to take a breather from this battle and sit down to takl about what might be ahead for them with all the extra information they gained from the visions.

How did your week go?  Does anyone in the party have healing surges left?  Anyone have dailies?  Leave a comment.