Thursday, April 21, 2011

March of the Phantom Brigade: Session 11

Belgos, Keira, Jarren, Valenae, and Fargrim searched the antechamber for clues as to what lies ahead.  The characters go through the decrepit remains of the Duergar and find nothing of interest.

The characters arrived at the monestary last session based on the information provided by Faldyra.  This information talked about the Arrow of Time

Opening the doors the party pass from the antechamber into a long corridor that is dark and foreboding.  Several doorless alcoves lead to other rooms.  As the characters step into the corridor, a pulse of magic washes over the hallway.

The hallway has changed.  What was once dark and dingy, was now well maintained and well lit.  An illusory group of aventurers stumble into the corridor, among them is Salazar Vladistone. One of them, an eladrin warrior shakes his head as the party catches their breath. He says: "We should not have been surprised that the duergar brought dangerous help. Let us recover ourselves, then proceed with caution.". The vision fades and the hallway is once again dark and dreary.

Our party decided that they wanted to continue down the hallway.  With Fargrim in the lead they approach a small alcove at the end of the hall.  Inspecting the door Keira feels a slight tingling with no apparent negative effect.  Jerren touches the door and rolls an arcana check and determines that the door is in stasis and that the door in not breachable until the past has repeated itself.  Returning down the hall the characters try the door to the sleeping quarters.

The door opens to the touch of Fargrim and they move into the room.  Several wooden bunks are against the far wall in this room, almost as stury as the day they were built.  When all the characters are in the room a familiar magical pulse washes once more over the characters.  The room is well lit and in good condition.  The dame four party members in the previous vision appear to be in the room resting and binding their wounds.  The gnome suddenly stands up after wrapping a bandage around her hand and in a serious tone: "Actherimos is not too dangerous on his own.  This deep into the mountain, however, his death throes could collapse every passage from here to the town.  We cannot wind this battle, not without dying ourselves and killing who knows how many other people in Hammerfast".

"The air seems to be charged with electricity for a moment as your vision fades.  Motes of dust that once hung suspended in the air by some strange stasis field now drift aimlessly, the spell seemingly broken.  Four beds line the far wall of this room, and each on is occupied by a desiccated duergar corpse"

After a few minutes while the characters are exploring the room, the sheets stir and the corpses lurch up and a centipede-like creature crawls out from the furthest bed.  Combat ensues.  Jarren jumps into action and identifies the two types of ghouls and targets the closest ghoul and the carrion crawler.  He hits both of the creatures dealing electricity damage.  The crawler moves up and scuttles through the party and tried to trip all the players. It then climbs the wall and attacks Belgos, who manages to dodge the tentacle.

Belgos turns to the carrion crawler and attempts an attack and the arrow bounces harmlessly on the wall next to the monster. Keira moves tactically towards the first ghoul hit and attempts her sneak attack.  She skewers him at bloodies him all at once.  The ghoul attempts to claw her and latches on to her leg, effectively immobilizing her.  The second one holds back.  Valenae strides forward to help Keira and calls to her God.  Her mace lights up and misses the ghoul.  Fargrim attempts to attack the carrion crawler and hits it squarely.

The ravenous ghoul leap out and howl charging the characters.  The first ravenous ghoul leaps onto the bed and attempts to hit the non mobile Keira. It misses.  The second ghoul charges Fargrim and it attempts to bite.  The ravenous ghoul latches onto Fargrims shoulder and he screams out in pain as the things teeth sink in. The ghoul then acts and moves forward to attack Jarren. The ghoul immobilizes him. Jarren casts burning hands attacking all the ghouls. He hits two of them.

The carrion crawler swings its tentacles at Fargrim and he bats them away with his weapon.  Belgos attacks the ghoul immobilizing Keira and hits it dropping it. Keira attacks the ravenous ghoul and falls shy of her mark.   Valenae again attempts to call on her God and strikes it dealing radiant damage.  Fargrim strikes the crawler again bloodying it. The ravenous ghouls attack Valenae and Fargrim respectively and both attacks miss.  The ghoul attacks Jarren and bites him hard.

Jarren spends his second wind.  The carrion crawler swipes at Fargrim and hits.  It drags him to the far side of the room.  Belgos attempts to drop the carrion crawler that is holding Fargrim captive. The centipede squeals in pain. Keira shifts around and attacks the thing in front of her. She hits it between the ribs and bloodies it.  Valenae throws a healing word to Jarren and attempt to strike Keira's opponent dealing max damage and dropping it. Tries to drop his foe and successfully complies.

The remaining ghouls are soon dispatched and the party catch their breaths like the Silver Company did sixty years prior.

How did your week go?