Saturday, March 19, 2011

Radical Change

Radical change is necessary once and awhile.  Working with Google blogger does have its limitations for a guy like myself.  I am not very creative; well at least not creative enough to draw anything spectacular for a background image for my website that is original and new.

After much hmmming and hawing, enter Tysylio, my new partner in crime and artiste extraordinaire. Over the last week, we dummed up a concept on how we would like the site to look and VOILA!  A revamped website.  We have change our site and have given it our own original feeling.

We are still putting the finishing touches on the site and there will still be some minor changes to come, so do not be surprised by the changes.  Things will tweak till we think it is perfect.

Drop us a comment to tell us how you like the look of the site and thanks for stopping by.