Thursday, September 26, 2013

Recounting Encounters: Murder in Baldur's Gate - Session 6

Murder in Baldur's Gate is an interactive module where the party chooses their paths.

The players affiliate themselves with a faction: Duke Thorin Silvershield, from the Upper City, Ulder Ravengard, current leader of the mercenary band of the Flaming Fist and protectors of the Lower City, and ...well let's just say it is a representative of the Guild, a Robin Hood thieves organisation.

The party is then pulled into their various task, and taking into consideration their various assignments, and the stories fly all over Baldur's Gate. You have to listen to believe it.

Listen as Derek, Craig and I talk about what happened at our respective tables.

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Stage 5 - Upper City Lockout and Protectionism

The rich are passing laws to make them richer and the poor are being excluded.  The poor retaliate and impose extra taxes on the fine goods sold at the Wide.  Who is going to win?  Who cares?  There are other things happening in the Undercellar and people are going to talk.  Sounds like a boring week...or is it. Only one of us played this week, yet managed to take (in my opinion) a sad encounter and turn it into a nice piece of work.

Craig was unable to join us this week and he will be chock-full of details of what is happening at his table next week.

What are your players going to do? Will they seek out the miscreants and bring them to justice? Will they support Ravengard or will they start their own secrets and hold this over some of the people's heads. How did they fare and how did they resolve this situation?