Thursday, September 12, 2013

Recounting Encounters: Murder in Baldur's Gate - Session 4

Murder in Baldur's Gate is an interactive module where the party chooses their paths.

The players affiliate themselves with a faction: Duke Thorin Silvershield, from the Upper City, Ulder Ravengard, current leader of the mercenary band of the Flaming Fist and protectors of the Lower City, and ...well let's just say it is a representative of the Guild, a Robin Hood thieves organisation.

The party is then pulled into their various task, and taking into consideration their various assignments, and the stories fly all over Baldur's Gate.  You have to listen to believe it.

Listen as Derek, Craig and I talk about what happened at our respective tables.

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Stage 3 - Hands Off

The party is confronted with some serious vandalism this week.  The city of Baldur's Gate wakes up to hands missing from some of the most important statues represented in the town.  The statues affected are the following:

-Seaserpent Tamed by Umberlee, near the Water Queen's House,
-Fury of the Fist, outside the seatower,
-Balduran Looks Out to Sea, overlooking the river from the east of the city,
-Six Wise machinists, near the High House of Wonders, and;
-Faithful Shopkeeper meets the Honest Trader, at the foot of the Counting House pier.

The next evening, the beloved Ranger Minsc is struck and its hand and Boo have disappeared.

What are the players going to do?  Will they seek out the miscreants and bring them to justice?  Will they apprehend the vandals and dispose of them, or will they start their own secrets and hold this over some of the people's heads.

What did your table do?  How did they fare and how did they resolve this situation?