Thursday, July 11, 2013

Recounting Encounters - Search for the Diamond Staff Session 4: The Ghost Hold

In this follow-up adventure to the gameday: Vault of the Dracolich, the party is called to Hap to speak to the wizard Imani.  A great item has been found called the Diamond Staff which can open countless mysteries of ancient Elven societies.

The staff is stolen by Orcs and the party must now stop the evildoers from unlocking the secrets of the elves and reclaim the diamond staff.

Backstabbing, intrigue, betrayal, and of course the Orcs, will make for a great season of Encounters.

Join us for another great season of the good the bad and the ugly as Derek from, Craig and I recap everything that happened at our gaming table this week.  We talk about what happened during the encounter, some of the changes that we made as DM's and talk about some of things we liked a lot and things we liked not so much.

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At the start of this week, we talk about the changes coming to the public play program before we actually get to the meat of our podcast. If you wish to skip this part fast-forward to minute - 21.03

Session 4 - The Ghost Hold

After last week's first meeting with the true force behind the attacks on Hap, the characters discover a letter by a man named Barcero.  Phoedele is to meet Barcero at an old decrepit building or estate called Sandersal Manor to hand over the Diamond Staff.  The character may or may not report back to Imani and regardless of what they do, spend a day or two travelling to Battledale where the mansion is located.

The characters arrive to see the place has been gutted by fire and flame and are left to explore the area.  After some exploration, the characters encounter Barcero and his Dread Protectors, also surrounded by his Shadar-kai Chainfighters.  Barcero is not immediately hostile towards the characters and the encounter at this point can go any way.

Listen to what happened at our table.  What happened at yours?

Follow us where we once again talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of this season of D&D Encounters: Search for the Diamond Staff