Thursday, June 27, 2013

Recounting Encounters - Search for the Diamond Staff Session 2: Imani's Tower

In this follow-up adventure to the gameday: Vault of the Dracolich, the party is called to Hap to speak to the wizard Imani.  A great item has been found called the Diamond Staff which can open countless mysteries of ancient Elven societies.

The staff is stolen by Orcs and the party must now stop the evildoers from unlocking the secrets of the elves and reclaim the diamond staff.

Backstabbing, intrigue, betrayal, and of course the Orcs, will make for a great season of Encounters.

Join us for another great season of the good the bad and the ugly as Derek from, Craig and I recap everything that happened at our gaming table this week.  We talk about what happened during the encounter, some of the changes that we made as DM's and talk about some of things we liked a lot and things we liked not so much.

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Session 2 - Imani's Tower

Once the orcs are defeated, the party realizes that this was only a diversion and the real battle is at the wizard's tower....

At the end of last session the characters hear the sounds of battle further up the road.  The last orc lets out his dying breath and the characters race to the tower only to find orcs pillaging the tower and keeping them occupied is the flesh golem; some sort of sentry to protect the wizard.  It seems like the golem has had its hands full and Imani lays spread out on the floor unconcious or dead, no one knows for sure yet.

The characters after having defeated the orcs and the golem find that Imani is only unconcious and his help have hidden during combat.

The Diamond Staff has been stolen.  Imani implores you to find the perpetrators and they follow them to their lair.

The session ends here...

Follow up where we once again talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of this season of D&D Encounters: Search for the Diamond Staff

Taken from Booklet
O - Orcs
G - Decrepit Flesh Golem