Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Stormy Evening with Erik Scott de Bie

This week at Recounting Encounters, Derek, Craig, and I have the wonderful opportunity to speak to none other than Erik Scott de Bie, author of this season of D&D Enounters: Storm over Neverwinter.

For those of you who do not know Erik, he is the author of the ever popular Shadowbane novels (Downshadow, Shadowbane, and Shadowbane: Eye of Justice), as well as the author of the fist season of D&D Encounters; Halaster's Lost Apprentice and Season 6: The Lost Crown of Neverwinter.

Erik is constantly writing and is coming out with a lot of stuff all the time.  Follow him where he is active the most at ericscottdebie.comFacebook, or Twitter.

We had so much fun recording this episode; Erik is very forthcoming and has a great sense of humour.  We talked about plenty of things from D&D Encounters to Gencon.  Join us as we pick this man's brain for you all during this stormy evening with Erik Scott de Bie.

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Here are some of the minutes of our meeting:

2.03 - Encounters this season and the launch of the Neverwinter video game

6.03 - Compression of the story for what WotC wanted.

7.18 - Arcs in this season for personal games at home

9.38 - "implicating" Erik

13.38 - DnDNext and D&D Encounters

16.58 - Easter eggs throughout

17.55 - New Shadowbane novel?

21.08 - erikscottdebie.com

24.29 - The Neverwinter Campaign Setting

28.29 - Transformations of the Beached Leviathan

30.15 - Neverwinter game

37.08 - treading lightly and talking about this season's final encounter

44.09 - Doing what is best for your table

49.01 - D&D Encounters at higher levels

1.03.00 - The Final Story

A big thanks goes out to Derek and Craig for helping make this interview work and especially a big thanks to Erik for joining us.

Recounting Encounters is a podcast where we talk about things that worked, didn't work and things that we could change at our table to make public play just that much more interesting.  We occasionally have guest speakers (usually an author of the season) to talk about their feeling and thought process behind the creation of such a season.

Thanks to all who listen in.

Here are some of Erik's coordinates:

His personal website with a ton of material - erikscottdebie.com
He can be reached on Twitter @erikscottdebie and Facebook
His email is erikscottdebie@yahoo.com

If you enjoyed this podcast, join us every week as we talked about what happened at our table.

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