Wednesday, March 14, 2012

100th POST!! - Fifty Things to Celebrate!

It has been an incredibly busy week here at 20ft Radius and lo!  It is my 100th post and to celebrate, I will keep it short and sweet.  This post is just writing down 50 things that I celebrate and am thankful for almost every day of my life and things I would like to do in the future. Here is the list and in no particular order I might add.

To Celebrate and be Thankful

  1. Good health
  2. Owning a house
  3. Good friends
  4. Having a Family
  5. A wife
  6. A job I love
  7. Having good Morals
  8. Ethically sound person
  9. That gaming exists
  10. My Tuesday night group
  11. Writing
  12. Blogging
  13. Finishing a good book
  14. That I am literate
  15. Getting something done
  16. The first sip of....(coffee, beer, etc.)
  17. Finishing a workout
  18. Being able to travel
  19. Being with my mother when she passed.
  20. Being debt-free
  21. The seasons
  22. Hot water
  23. The morning comes
  24. My readers
  25. My colleagues
  26. Living in Canada
  27. Health care
  28. Fresh water
  29. My possessions
  30. Fresh food
  31. A warm bed to sleep in
  32. Coffee
  33. Barbecues
  34. Sunsets
  35. Sunrises
  36. My optimism
  37. My freedom
  38. My government (Hey, it could be worse)
  39. My flag
  40. My national anthem(Canada)
  41. The good people of the world
  42. Nature in my backyard
  43. Cooking
  44. Growing my garden every year
  45. Excellent in-laws
  46. Driving
  47. Great Blogging Buddies
  48. Democracy
  49. My freedom
  50. My life as a whole
I know life cannot be peaches and cream all the time, but we should count ourselves lucky for the things we have in life. There are people who are much worse off than we are and when I hear people complain that a country like ours sucks, it really blows my mind.

My blog may be small, but I still appreciate all the people who read my blog on a regular basis.  Make yourselves known, leave a comment so I can get to know you all.

Live life to its fullest, be good people and good things will come to those who are good. Keep gaming!

Is there anything you are thankful for, or things that you celebrate that is not on this list?